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The first and only animation show, able to amaze public of all ages with an entertainment that talks about time travels, which has always been in the fantasy of every human being.
A one of its kind show, an unforgettable and extraordinarily emotional animation, an itinerant entertainment extremely addictive, which brings on stage the legend of both travels: through the future and through the past.

The Time Machine is a show completely realized in Italy by Prestige Events, inspired by the famous novel “The Time Machine” by Herbert George Wells, better known as H. G. Wells. The Time Machine is a 100% made in Italy product, it has been designed by hand in our laboratories with the high quality standards and with the originality that characterize our work in both national and international animation’s panorama. Clouds of smoke, sounds, wheels’ noises and lights, together with the magic of extraordinary tales about amazing travels through the past and even through the future, those are the ingredients of a magic show with a great atmosphere, able to animate every kind of event in every moment of the year with the unmissable “Wow Effect” which only the great emotional shows can let come out. The show gives to Albert Einstein’s relativity theory the opportunity to be on stage like an extraordinary show for people of all ages.

A fantastic vehicle which gives form and matter to the fantasy of every spectator, half way between a 1800s sailboat and a prototype of a future car, will guide the public through the magic atmosphere of the different ages of humanity thanks to the eccentrics tales told by Sir Edgar, “The Time Keeper” and the captain of The Time Machine.

Sir Edgar will astound kids and adults with his compelling adventures through the many time travels, travels that he will do thanks to his Time Machine which will let him meet important characters from the past such as the great physicist Albert Einstein and which will let him make the acquaintance of his actual listeners thanks to his travels through future, taking completely advantage of the relativity theory.

The Time Machine is the most original walking show parade of the moment, the most interactive one and with an excellent originality which permitted to this animation show to be chosen for many and different Italian Tv shows.

The Time Machine is the walking show parade made for the families, for children, perfect for every kind of event and recurring event. Its itinerant structure permits to give value to entire routes with a real motion show, perfect in all contests such as: Historic Centers and malls. Its light effects give magic suggestions, able to create unreal atmospheres during the every kind of events.
Its originality lets it became perfect for Carnival Parades or for the organization of an original Halloween party at the city Mall.

Its nature of itinerant vehicle makes it perfect to animate Christmas, revealing the secret of Santa Claus.
Everyone of us asked once in its life how Santa could be able to bring presents to every child in the world before Christmas’ midnight, every one of us always known about a magic flying sleigh. No one till now has proved that it was a real Time Machine.

It is an motion animation which let us to say that “Albert Einstein’s relativity theory is… a really show!”

Time Machine’s birth

The Time Machine was born from a free interpretation made by Prestige Events in Italy of the Herbert George Wells’ novel “The Time Machine, which with its first appearance in 1895 established the birth of the lucky narrative strand, that brings in the spotlight the concept of time travel (made with a motorized vehicle).
Prestige Events’ aim is to create and to give form to one of the most ancient and popular man’s fantasy: time travels.

Who of us have never had the desire to go back through the past or to discover the future to see what will happen to us? Who of us have never lost himself while reading about the fantastic adventures of fantasy characters that had travelled through the different ages thanks to strange time’s passages or using a fantastic Time Machine?

And who of us have never imagined to get on board on a Time Machine, set up cursors and routes and after a little while to land in another time? Although Albert Einstein’s studies establish the concept of relativity, physics says that is very difficult to concretely realize a time travel.

In spite of all these difficulties man’s fantasy has been able to give a form to this apparently unworkable concept, and to write a lot of book and stories about it. Literary fiction is full of novels that use time travel’s trick, exploiting Albert Einstein’s studies, to allow writers to set them tales in different times.
Albert Einstein’s studies and his relativity theory have always powered scientists’ hope to realize a real and concrete Time Machine.

To confirm the charm that travels through the future or through the past exercise, you also have to think about all the math’s studies that have been done after Albert Einstein’s theories, which are developed even nowadays to support its feasibility.
But unfortunately at the moment is not possible to do a time travel, it is only a fantastic fantasy that we can find also inside novels and many films, thanks to writers and filmmakers that have extended time travel’s filmography. Just to mention some of this famous films: Back to the Future with a young but talented Michael J. Fox which crosses the eras guided by a scientist who remembers the famous physician Albert Einstein.

We also have to citate masterpieces such as “Stargate”, where a group of scientists and soldiers conduct an experiment till it brings them in a parallel universe during the Egyptian age or bestsellers like “Timeline” which talks about a group of fans of Medieval time that had to juggle between knights’ era till the re-opening of the wormholes which will bring them back to present.

Thanks to Prestige Events’ Italy Time Machine, it will be possible from now to take part to a fascinating travel made with a unique itinerant animation show, the most original that you could ever have seen.

An entertainment that will allow the public to travel both through the past and the future, not only using fantasy but also with a extraordinary vehicle. It is a show rich of scenic effects able to surprise young and old using an original show…. Without time!


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