The Time Machine
Original and innovative animation

The first and one of its kind, an itinerant animation show, able to amaze the public of all ages with an entertainment that talks about time travels which has been always the biggest fantasy of every human being.
A one of its kind show, an unforgettable and extraordinary exciting show, an itinerant and addictive entertainment that brings on stage the travels through the future’s legend and even the travels through the past.
The Time Machine is a show completely realized by Prestige Event Italy and it is based on Herbert George Wells’ book, “The Time Machine”.

Walking theater SHOW

The Time Machine is an itinerant street show one of its kind, based on the use of a fantastic vehicle, perfectly working and rich of scenographic effects, sounds and lights.
The Time Machine, driven by the eccentric and strange Sir Edgar, covers ways and travels through time along city streets or through the mall’s galleries, associated with the fantastic “Time Keeper’s” tales for a unique animation.

Interactive Animation

The Time Machine is the interactive parade show that lets the public become the main character of the entire scene.
Young and old people are completely involved in the through-time adventures, because public is an essential part of the show’s narrative dimension.

100% Made in Italy

The Time Machine is an animation show parade conceived, designed and entirely projected in Italy by the creative Staff of Prestige Events Italy in its laboratories. Prestige Events distinguish itself in both national and international panoramas of the events area.
It is famous for the excellent originality of its productions which are realized from the beginning to the end in the “creative show factory” (as it’s called by the staff of Prestige Event Italy), which is based in Ferrara, halfway among Venice, Bologna and Verona.

A show conceived for families:

The Time Machine is the itinerant animation able to animate the public of all ages with its magic and with the charm of its travels through the future and through the past, the same legends that have enchanted man of every time and every age.
As in Wells’ novel, our Sir Edgar will show his innovative vehicle to everyone and will entertain the public with his tales about his extraordinary travels.

Ideal for animation and entertainment for:


To animate shopping time in an original and inimitable way

Squares and Historic Centers

Our animation is ideal to make special fairgrounds, carnivals, Festivals

Private Events

Wedding’s Parties, business events and Team Building

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  • The Time Machine - the itinerant parade show
  • The Time Machine - Malls - To animate shopping time
  • The Time Machine - Malls - To animate shopping time
  • The Time Machine -
  • The Time Machine - itinerant street show - Squares and Historic Centers
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